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In my work with couples, I apply the psychoanalytic approach, bringing the relationship itself into the focus and helping them to sense what they are creating together. I assist them in exploring and discovering long-lasting dysfunctional patterns which, on one hand, intend to protect their life together, but, on the other hand, create various kinds of impasses. By providing a space where the destructive effect of mutual accusations, guilt, and assaults can be held and contained, I support couple's potential for intimacy and creativity to build more constructive and healthy ways of relating.
Psychoanalytic approach for couples is especially effective for attachment issues, such as fertility and parenting issues, divorce, fear of intimacy, infidelity, etc.


Group analytic approach has proved to be extremely efficient in treating interpersonal problems such as withdrawal, timidity, loneliness, fear of intimacy, fear of authority, inability to share, competitiveness, etc. All those problems appear in therapeutic situation "here and now", and therefore become analyzable and changeable.

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Berlin, Germany

Schieritzstr. 33, 10409 Berlin

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